Reverse Dieting Program

Kadier GonzalezI knew he would take care of the dynamic duo for rent to my diet and training changed my life. Sent my friend Vanessa, started only after a few weeks of working with Chris Martinez not only your body, but also the change in attitude. Had followed plans several times before and had for some time an active use of weight, but never achieved the results, what I wanted. He had set my goals and I began my journey with Chris, where we quickly found out that reverse dieting program I had a problem with appetizers. A lot. Also using more than it would admit then that Chris never made me feel like an insect. The amount of resources, and communication between Chris and helped me to clarify the confusion or would come my way. The training programme was great, offers several options for years, never made me feel that I again did the same old model of education. With Chris that the importance of respect taught me in your diet, in fact in the first month of any changes to the fact my macro, but still have only the same macro weight lost. Showed me the size of the key for any sort of success is getting physical. The best thing about Chris is that he cares about you as an individual and support where, what its goals, but within over him in the middle of your program with me happened. He had successfully passed from 195 pounds to 175 pounds in 4 months, and although our original goal was to hit 165 lbs, I discovered the takeoff wasn't as high priorities and tried to get the size. Chris now considered my feelings and quickly reverse diet plan. So they changed their goals, but Chris care remains the same. Based on my experience with the formation of the dynamic duo could discover, that prevents me from progress, management tools, and also, I'm on the road, to have the physique that I want. .